Strategic Investment

With fast, reliable and resilient transport infrastructure, we can unlock opportunities to create a thriving, inclusive and sustainable economy.

Transport East is advocating for the transport investment needed across the region.

Investment and Delivery Plan

We have drawn together a pipeline of projects to address the most pressing transport issues in the region.

The Investment and Delivery Plan is a programme of more than 30 road and rail projects across six corridors. These schemes are being progressed by our local authority partners, Network Rail and Highways England and are at various stages of development.

We will use this document to make the case for ongoing government investment in these projects.

Comprehensive Spending Review 2020

We made a submission to the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review. The letter communicates the transport vision for the East of England and our role in accelerating the delivery of existing projects.

It also shows how we will identify a new generation of schemes through our Transport Strategy. Finally, it explains how we are working with government and other Sub-national Transport Bodies across England to develop new ways of tackling long-term transport challenges such as rural public transport connections and helping more people to walk and cycle.

In return, we ask for continued funding for our pipeline of existing projects.

We also submitted a supporting letter from politicians and business groups across the region.

Working with government bodies

We are working closely with the Department of Transport (DfT), Network Rail and Highways England to make sure they understand our priorities and reflect them in their future investment programmes.

For example, we responded to a DfT consultation on plans to create a Major Road Network in 2018. Since then, we have supported our partners and members in making the case for specific projects on the Major Road Network in the East of England.