Government announces East West Rail route update

On 26th May, the Government announced its route update for the East West Rail between Bletchley and Cambridge. Details on the updated route are available here.

East West Rail will provide many benefits and opportunities for the wider Eastern region and the UK. It is important as the detail of the scheme develops that the opportunities to connect seamlessly onward to the East are maximised. Transport East will continue work with the East West Main Line Partnership and Company to ensure our region benefits from one of the biggest upgrades to the UK’s rail network in recent history.

Cllr Kevin Bentley, Chair of Transport East, said: “The Government’s ongoing commitment to East West Rail is good news for the wider East. Cambridge, and it’s surrounds, is a valuable economic centre drawing in people from across the region.

“Now the preferred route around Cambridge is clear, we will work with local partners to as the project develops to maximise onward connections so the benefits of the project are spread widely, in advance of any future work on an Eastern extension.”

Cllr Alexander Nicoll, Chair of the East West Main Line Partnership Eastern Section Board, said: “We welcome the Government’s ongoing commitment to the East West Rail project, as a foundation for a true East West Main Line running from the Suffolk and Norfolk coast all the way to Bristol and south Wales.


“We look forward to continuing our work with the East West Rail Main Line Partnership and East West Rail Company on the detail of the proposed route around Cambridge to maximise the connection benefits for people in the wider East.”