Our reports, official letters and consultation responses.

Forum agendas, notes and documents can be found in Our Meetings.


Corporate Documents

Business Plan 2021-22: Our funding and work programme for this financial year.

Investment and Delivery Plan 2020: Document bringing together existing priority transport projects across the region. It sets out the scale of investment currently required in the network.

Business Plan Statement 2020: Document setting out our main areas of spending for the financial year 2020-21.

100-Day Plan:  Document setting out key activities following the appointment of our Strategic Director in April 2020.


Decarbonisation Report: Report exploring how transport contributes to the East of England’s carbon emissions and identifying possible ways to significantly reduce emissions.

Levelling up Coastal and Rural Communities Presentation Slides

Transport Role in Economic Growth Presentation slides

Regional Evidence Base: Report setting out the current transport, economic and development status of the region.

Integrated Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report: Report setting out how we propose to assess our Transport Strategy to make sure it takes account of opportunities for environmental, social and public health improvements.


Spending Review 2021 Submission: Our formal submission to the Government's 2021 Spending Review

Spending Review 2020 letter to government: Our Forum members have written to the Chancellor and Secretary of State for Transport in support of our Spending Review submission, seeking continued funding for our priority transport projects.

Spending Review 2020 submission: Our formal submission to the Government’s 2020 Spending Review.

Freeport East letter of support

Thames Freeport letter of support

Consultation responses

DfT Future of Transport: rural strategy Transport East submission: Our regional submission on rural mobility.

DfT Future of Transport: rural strategy Joint STB Response The submission for all seven English sub-national transport bodies on rural mobility.

DfT Union Connectivity review response: Our role in connections to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

DfT Major Road Network response: Our response to the major road network consultation in 2018.